Advocating For Support And Resources

We are focused on the needs and wellbeing of boat owners and their crews involved in Inshore Fishing and nothing else.

National Inshore Fishermen’s Association | Cahirciveen, Co.Kerry

Membership is awarded to individuals that are registered owners of Irish inshore fishing vessels.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make measurable and sustainable impact on the revenue and livelihood of inshore fishing folk. We will achieve this by:

Needs & Wellbeing

Being focused on the needs and wellbeing of boat owners and their crews involved in inshore fishing and nothing else.

Policy Makers

Bringing our members insights to policy makers to ensure our members can compete effectively to sustain their families and to enrich rural Ireland.

Selling Together

Selling together to ensure that our members capture as much of the value they create, as it is possible to do.


Advocating on behalf of members for support & resources from State/European bodies supporting sustainable rural development/industry

Buying Together

Buying together to reduce the cost of fishing and improve the quality of life of our members by bringing them advice and best practice in terms of running their businesses.

Full Membership

Full membership of NIFA CLG can only be awarded to individuals that are the registered owners of Irish registered inshore fishing vessels that conform to the European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF) definition, of Small Scale Coastal Fisheries (SSCF).


Vessel Size Price
Vessels LOA less than 7.99m €100
Vessels LOA 9.99m to 8m €150
Vessels LOA 11.99m to 10m €200

Membership is renewable on an annual basis. Fees are due on the 1st of February each year. Membership is not considered to be active until appropriate fees are paid.